Battered and broken little wolf
Big Bad Wolf


[She smiled at him, poking at a piece of chicken before humming under her breathe at this words. After a thousand years the girl had to do whatever she desired to survive. She wasn’t the sort to go quietly or adapt to her surroundings. Morgan had been born into royalty, she expected that much out of life. She was not the humble sort, however she tried to be a bit more modern with Martin. He didn’t quite grasp the full length of grotesque horrible she was. ]

    “I don’t know, I’ve built armies with spells like that — and that was fun.”


    [God. Tired. That was the main feeling right now. So exhausted. But it was important to listen to the sorceress, not wanting to upset her in any way. Of course, he knew that she has possibly done everything that she could to survive so why couldn’t she just do that? He honestly didn’t want her to do that.]

           ”Yes, but wouldn’t you be forgetting me?”

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immortals falling for mortals

immortals getting clingy and needy because you have so little time we need to make the most of it

and their lovers being like chill i’ve still got like fifty years and we’ve already spent decades together we’ve been like all around the world by now but rly all I need is you

and just, no, you don’t understand that’s not nearly enough for all the things I want to show you please why are you slowing down I know but you’re tired a lot lately wait no



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Don’t want to forget about Munday.

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[She turned her gaze back up to him as she broke apart her chopsticks and pried open the container. His eyes were teasing and she knew more than anything he was more exhausted and hungry than she probably was. He had been out most of the day, most of the week. She dug into her rice, rolling back onto her pillows with a satisfied smirk and rolled her eyes at him.]

               ”I’d put some lowly little bastard under a spell to do my bidding.”



    [Of course the wolf was exhausted. Being like he was at the moment, in the home that he had called his own, and with the one girl that he could trust more than anything, this was something that he would always love. Tired and hungry. Not a good combination for him. Though, he wasn’t going to complain about it because she didn’t need that piled on top of what she was already feeling.]

           ”Yes but where exactly is the fun in that?”

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           ”Honestly…why does it have to be so cold out?”